Reinvestment Partners is engaged in housing and community development to model innovation, improve neighborhoods and build assets. We practice what we preach by investing in low-income communities. These are just a few of the projects that we've spearheaded in East Durham.

  • This historic but distressed neighborhood bordering downtown is turning the corner due to public and private investment. Click the title to see a neighborhood tour booklet that shows the neighborhood in transition.

  • 100 Block of East Geer St
    100 Block of East Geer St

    Reinvestment Partners is working with our neighbors on and around the 100 block of East Geer St. to promote safety, appearance, and opportunity. Activities include urban farms on both sides of Geer St. We will request traffic calming with narrower lane markings and a pedestrian crossing to link the urban farms.

  • Express Mart at 201 East Geer St
    Express Mart at 201 East Geer St

    On the corner of Roxboro St., Reinvestment Partners is working with the Express Mart on improvements that contribute to the attractiveness and safety of our neighborhood. Improvements include a pop-up fresh market to sell produce from our urban farms and other community activities.

  • 1201 North Roxboro St
    1201 North Roxboro St

    Art covers the windows of the historic farm house at Geer St. By April 2012, we hope to get permits for the restoration of the historic farm house into offices.

  • 202-204 East Trinity Ave & 1224 North Roxboro St
    202-204 East Trinity Ave & 1224 North Roxboro St

    Reinvestment Partners recently purchased a foreclosed property with three vacant houses on one lot at the SE corner of East Trinity and North Roxboro. Our goals for this property are to improve the neighborhood, preserve the historic home at 204 East Trinity, and offer an affordable home ownership opportunity at 1224 North Roxboro St.

    We have spoken to three nonprofits that are interested in rehabilitating this property. However, three houses on one lot does not conform to current zoning, which means if a home is destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt. As is, these homes cannot be insured, financed, or renovated. The lot must be split into two conforming lots to renovate the two single family homes at 204 E Trinity and 1224 N Roxboro.

    The small house at 202 E Trinity Ave would be demolished. One variance would be required for 204 E Trinity to allow its backyard to be only 5 feet, at its closest point, to the new line. The new line would be more than 12 feet from 1224 N Roxboro. The City will send the variance request to all property owners within 300 feet and neighborhood associations within 1,000 feet. The Board of Adjustment hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24, 8:30 AM, City Hall, 2nd floor Committee Room.