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Hotel to Home

Photo of two gloved hands holding a cardboard cutout of a home. The gloves are black and have the fingertips cut off them. The hands are cupped together facing up and the home cutout resting in them is made of brown corrugated cardboard. There is a door a

What We Do

Hotel to Home logo. "Hotel" and "Home" are the color teal; the word "to" is a light grey color. The words are stacked in two lines over the image of a skeleton key. The key has a circular base and shaft of teal and grey lines. The "teeth" are made of a si

This program ended on June 30, 2022.

Our Hotel to Home bridge housing program provides a temporary, safe place for persons experiencing homelessness while they apply for permanent housing options.

We specifically target people who are:

  • leaving medical care, 
  • medically stable (i.e. don't need care to meet their day-to-day needs), and
  • already connected to case management and wrap around services.

Do you know someone facing homelessness? Please refer them to Entry Point Durham.

Hotel to Home is a collaboration between Reinvestment Partners, Alliance Health, Urban Ministries of Durham, Durham County and Project Access.